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Author, writer, Veteran, military historian, radio show host, podcaster and trucker, Dave Carter has traveled across the globe and all over America collecting and sharing extraordinary stories of ordinary people and, along the way, learned a thing or two about human nature. 
From accompanying aircrews on combat missions in the Middle East to accompanying 18 wheeler drivers to a church service at a truck stop in Iowa, from sharing the stage with presidential speech writers, intellectuals and celebrities to sharing a foxhole with a fellow Security Forces member before heading out on recon, from listening to odd characters at truck stops to interviewing best selling authors and celebrities on his podcast, Dave Carter has experienced a great many interesting things. And he's been taking notes.

Through his articles and essays, through podcasts and even a running stream of commentary called The Inkwell, story-teller Dave Carter invites you to accompany him on the remarkable journey of a life spent on the move. 

The Articles
"Stripped to its very esssence, history is biography," Dave maintained many years ago as a military historian. That approach, which led to numerous accolades while he was in uniform, has infused his writings ever since.

From history to political philosophy, whether its today's headlines, tales from the road or accounts from a war zone, Dave will draw you in, making the difficult both understandable and compelling. 

The Podcasts
Whether interviewing best selling authors, a Hollywood producer, leading pundits, fellow veterans, a Special Forces officer, a business management consultant or a professional comedian, Dave Carter brings out the person behind the credentials. 

What begins as an interview invariably ends as an enjoyable conversation between friends, leaving the listener with a knowing smile and ideas to ponder. 
The Inkwell
Many years ago, columnist and economist Walter Williams advised Dave to live life first, and then draw on that experience to bring the written word to life. 

Dave took Dr. Williams' advice, which resulted in an abundance of experience and notable perspectives that inform and entertain an audience. The Inkwell is Dave at his thoughtful, humorous and irascible best. 

The Study 

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Of Interest

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